About us

What is alloptica.com

Attention to all night sky enthusiasts! We created this blog with the only purpose: to help all professional and homegrown astro explorers find the tools that will match or even exceed their expectations. This website is about optics accessories that are necessary to bring your eyes and cameras to the infinite expanse of outer space.

Valerie and I are professionals in the field of astronomy, and we understand how hard it can be to find exactly what you need. Even for such a niche field of interest, there is an endless number of options. We are here to narrow down the selection using our own experience and relevant suggestions from other authoritative experts. Our blog will clarify everything on astro optics, including important shopping considerations, costs, maintenance requirements, settings, and more!

Our Information Sources

We are proud to say that we use three powerful information sources:
Our expertise – nothing is better than testing a new telescope and astro cameras in your own lab. Fortunately, we have many options to do that due to our partners and our own endeavor.
Trusted experts – scientists can’t exist and progress in a vacuum. We communicate with other relevant experts in the field every day and we are always willing to share their insights
Users – astro optic users are actually the largest source of information available so far. Their experience-based reviews are super-valuable for our job on this blog.

How We Create Content

First of all, we do a lot of research and fact-checking to ensure that the information we use is 100% relevant. Once the facts are gathered, we wrap them into an easily-readable cover to help our readers make informed decisions and just have fun!

What We’re Interested In?

It’s important to clarify that our blog includes monetization, but it actually covers only website maintenance expenses and purchases for reviews. However, we don’t just tell you about all the available products, but only about the ones we consider worth your attention.

Your Input Matters!

The main purpose of any blog is communication. But we don’t want it to be one-sided, so your feedback is always welcome and won’t be left without response.